Polishoe is the gold standard of shoe polishing services.

Polishoe utilises the highest quality polish alongside state-of-the-art machinery, ensuring that consumers and business needs are satisfied.

The shoe repair business has always been close to my family. My father, a shoemaker, has had a passion for the finest quality shoe products, as well as a deep caring and love for the industry. My father has perpetually driven for the highest quality of service, whilst maintaining a strong foundation in customer service, and driving to ensure that you are left feeling satisfied and leaving with the highest quality in the industry.

With Polishoe, our legacy will expand, with the highest quality shoe polishing service, mixed with great customer service and exciting advertising capabilities. Founded in 2017, Polishoe allows for an unparalleled and unmatched customer service level that is unique to Polishoe, as well as all Polishoe’s state-of-the-art products. A Polishoe machine has a two-step process, one in which the shoe is sprayed with top-quality shoe polish, and the second step is placing the shoe on an automated shoe polishing machine, ensuring the best quality shoe polishing service that Australia can offer.

Please watch the video below to discover the ease of use the Polishoe machine.