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Our intelligent shoe polisher is a brand-new product on the Australian Market, which has been developed, researched and produced to ensure the highest quality level.

The machine is a fully automated two-step process, ensuring ease of service alongside the highest quality.

Each large market, ranging from restaurant, hotel, airport, shopping centres and many more all have standard advertising machines in place, with a single advertising function and a single step process. As pedestrians view this basic advertising process, it tends to be ignored as the process is ‘much of muchness’, bypassing the screen as it has no enticing product capability, as well as no functional capacity. But no more!

This multi-faceted service and product offered by Polishoe is a new way of advertising. This interactive and audio-visual presentation capabilities is bound to enthral passers-by with increased advertising capabilities.

Contact Polishoe today to increase ROI and advertise effectively!